Harmonic Tuning

Harmonic Tuning changes the vibrational field of an individual, musical instrument or vocalist to bring about harmony and wholeness.

The vibrational field is shifted to create room for change in the physical expression of one’s life or the musical expression of the instrument/instrumentalist or voice/vocalist. Changing the vibration of an individual’s field opens the door to new possibilities and potential.

Shifting the vibrational field will often create a shift in body, mind and spirit that will allow for a freer flow of energy into our lives. How the change manifests is a direct result of the worldview of the individual. Meaning, Harmonic Tuning is sent to the client framed by the client’s intention and request. The client may or may not choose to accept the tuning. If the client accepts the tuning, some sort of change will be apparent to the client.

For musicians Harmonic Tuning applies to both the musician and their instrument as a unit. For vocalists the tuning tunes the voice as well as the vocalist. The vibration of the musician as well as the vibration of the instrument itself are tuned for a greater integrated performance.

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“The Present Is The Point Of Power”

“Your only effective point of changing any aspect of your world lies in the miraculous instant connection of spirit and self through neurological impact.”
“. . . you actualize events from the present intersection of spirit and flesh choosing them from probabilities according to your beliefs.”
Seth/Jane Roberts